“I just received my prints, and I absolutely love them. They arrived in great condition. Thank you so much!”

Absolute Love

“The prints are stunning! They feel like fine art b/w fiber base prints I use to make in the darkroom on exhibition grade paper – I’m truly astounded…”

Stunning Prints

“The quality of the color is amazing. I’m in love with the texture of the paper…”

Quality Color

“I’m VERY impressed. The printing is clean and crisp and the paper has a great cotton feel and isn’t too ‘toothy’…”

Clean and Crisp

“We received the photos today and they are beautiful!! They look even better than I anticipated – just like they look on my monitor!”

Even Better

“Amazing! So beautiful colors, and loved the feel of the paper, can’t believe it’s eco! Can’t wait to order more from you. So much quality in the print and the making of it. Thank you so much…” (From a client in Norway!)


“I just received my prints. They look amazing. I will display the (sustainability) certificate at my show!”

The Look

“The prints are absolutely gorgeous–people are loving them and I am singing your praises…”


“They are JUST BEAUTIFUL! I particularly love the matte prints, but I’m glad you offer both so I can offer options to my customers. I’m so glad to have found you.”

Love Them

“Everyone who I have shown it to loves the print. You do great work!”

Great Work

“After a couple trial runs with different companies, I have chosen EcoVisualLab to be the producer of my prints that I’ll be selling…”

I Choose You

“I’m about to put about eight of those prints you made for me a few months back in a gallery here in Portsmouth. I’ll have more orders for you soon…”

In A Gallery

“I LOVE THEM! Love the paper, love the color and ‘look,’ and the dreaded red in the others is all balanced nicely now. You saved me…”

You Saved Me

“The print really looks amazing! Thanks so much, and I will be getting in touch with you to print some more things in the future…”


“The prints arrived last week and they are perfect! Thank you so much.”


“Everyone who I have shown it to loves the print.  You do great work!”

Great Work

“Thank you, Rick, for your patience, time, and energy. I am glad I found you. Thank you for what you do!”

So Glad