We are the world’s first virtually 100% sustainable, exhibition-quality, custom photo lab

We have two archival, pigmented-ink product lines

1) 12-color custom, museum-quality prints of the highest quality

2) New 5-color, less expensive prints for snapshots, album prints, gift prints, and greeting cards all suitable for framing

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If you’re looking for sustainability and museum quality it can seem like a desert out there

We back up our quality with facts

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No Greenwashing. Ever.
Why should I care about sustainable photography?

• Darkroom and inkjet chemicals are often toxic

• Plasticized substrates can be toxic in both manufacture and disposal

• Prints made with VOC-off-gassing inks can be toxic in indoor environments

• Paper for printing makes up a huge percentage of most waste streams

• Virgin packaging is wasteful and may be toxic when recycled

• Bleached papers may contain elemental chlorine which can combine with cellulose (wood fiber) to create dioxins – the single most carcinogenic family of chemicals known to mankind

• Most inkjet papers come from overseas and one typical transatlantic cargo container crossing uses up to 485,000 gallons of dirty marine diesel

Imagine how the highest quality, most sustainable and healthy prints would look on your or your client’s walls…

No toxic fumes, no off-gassing, safe for indoor

Long-lasting, fade resistant, pigmented inks

Black-and white or color

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