Artwork Reproduction for Artists/Painters

Reproducing artwork is unlike any other form of imaging. It requires extensive experience, precise color control
and absolute control over lighting ratios from top to bottom and left to right. It's this precise ratio that gives oil,
acrylic and other textured-artwork-surface reproductions that "reach out and touch it" look.

At EcoVisualLab, we access the world's highest quality artwork capture system,
The Cruse Scanner, a nearly $200K capture device that offers unprecedented control
(plus more cost-effective digital camera capture and flatbed scanning when appropriate).

EcoVisualLab's reproductions are ecologically sound, sustainable and recyclable.
Prints on our premium watercolor papers are museum quality, archival and free of acids, chlorine and optical brighteners.
We are always competitively priced with other custom labs and affordable for any artist.

Our premium cotton watercolor textured papers are made from 100% post-industrial reclaimed cotton fibers that would otherwise be landfill.

* A note about canvas prints:
We have searched in vain for a 100% cotton inkjet compatible canvas but have settled on a polyester base “canvas”
that does not require stretching and can actually be mounted.
100% cotton inkjet coated canvas prints show excessive surface anomalies,
impurities and greater-than-acceptable bulging and sagging when stretched.



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