Artwork Reproduction for Discerning Artists, Galleries and Museums

Capturing and reproducing artwork is unlike any other form of imaging. It requires extensive experience, precise color control
and absolute control over lighting ratios from top to bottom and left to right. It's this precise ratio that gives oil,
acrylic and other textured-artwork-surface reproductions that "reach out and touch it" look.

At EcoVisualLab, we use the world's highest quality artwork capture technology including ultra-high-resolution
camera systems from Phase One, Hasselblad and Sony plus the remarkable museum-approved
Cruse Scanning System for the ultimate in lighting control. 100+MP captures resulting in files from 500MP
to over a Gigabyte in size are typical, resulting in unparalleled imaging with the finest details. We use
studio strobes, color-correct fluorescent and cold color-balanced LED lighting that won't damage art.
We work in our studio or at your location. This means that you don't have to transport your valuable art.

EcoVisualLab's printed reproductions are ecologically sound, sustainable and recyclable.
Prints on our premium papers are museum quality, archival and free of acids, chlorine and optical brighteners.
We are always competitively priced with other custom labs and affordable for any artist. We have capture
locations in many major cities and can work anywhere in the continental U.S.

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