We were founded with three guiding principles:

1) Always work in the most sustainable, healthiest way possible
2) Provide world class service and field-leading expertise
3) Never settle for less than museum quality and archival standards


As someone who loves to create images, one long-ago picture now stands out clearly in my mind.
A little girl sits at an outside table with her friends at school lunch time as officials spray the children with DDT.
They thought it was harmless and that it killed influenza. True. How foolish we can be!

That girl of so long ago was my wife of 27 years. She passsed away from environmentally related cancer in 2010.
My time spent as a caregiver got me thinking a lot more about the environmental implications of many of the things I am passionate about –
especially photography, print making and other forms of imaging. A dream soon emerged along with my own small quest to make it reality.
I asked myself, “When I get back to work, what would I really love to do?” Life is indeed too short to do otherwise.

The answer was ecovisuallab.com, the world’s first company to offer exclusively green, healthy prints,
graphics, interior décor art and photography reproduction plus personalized advice to businesses,
healthcare facilities and the hospitality industry on improving their environmental/health impact.

Every custom print produced by ecovisuallab.com is printed on 100% sustainable, tree-free media made of pure cotton,
which is totally chlorine free, recycled and recyclable. Our cotton paper is sourced right here in Massachusetts
to reduce the carbon emissions associated with transportation. (A typical cargo ship carrying imported papers
uses one gallon of fuel for every 37 feet it travels, and air shipping consumes a gallon of fuel per second.)

About 40% of landfill content is paper made from trees.
What do you get when you mix wood pulp with elemental chlorine also in papers?
The answer is dioxins, the single most carcinogenic class of chemicals known to man.
To help alleviate this problem in our own small way, the primary papers we use are made from
the pure reclaimed cotton remnants of food grade cottonseed oil manufacturers!
The inks that we use are water based, pigmented and free of all volatile organic compounds.
Our products are so pure that I wouldn’t hesitate to hang a print we’ve
made over a baby’s crib just seconds after it was printed.

Surely, being green and helping others to be more ecologically minded is not only a worthy goal, it’s a privilege.
Even small steps can make a difference.

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