How Our Prints Are Green

There is a lot of "greenwashing" in the marketplace - false claims of sustainability.

We think it's important to let our audiences know exactly how we are “green...”

Our prints are museum quality and archival
We print on 100% cotton papers that are made from post-industrial
reclaimed cotton fibers (food-grade) from cotton-seed oil manufacturers
We source these papers locally to eliminate the greenhouse
gas emissions associated with transporting heavy bulk paper
We use entirely VOC-free water based pigmented inks – no “offgassing” or fumes
Our cotton papers are totally chlorine-free, tree-free,
acid-free and contain no optical brighteners (OBs)
The X-Rite i1 systems we use ensure accurate color,
reliable soft proofs and fewer proof prints
The minimal waste we produce is responsibly recycled

We don't pretend to know everything there is to know about sustainable images.
In fact, we learn new information every day.

Please let us know about the green insights you have. We want to hear from you.

Are you a painter? If so, there's more...


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