"Ecovisual makes a positive difference in an area many of us don't think about - photos. May your small step lead to a giant leap."

"A venue for other artists who may have had the desire and vision but had no viable means to achieve environmentally safe products."

"Reclaimed non-forest alternatives need to be promoted... an idea at the right time and place.”

"Great Story. A perfect example of thinking locally, acting globally."

"Turning a painful experience into something positive... it's both creative and inspiring."

"You are fighting the good fight for your late wife, yourself, and all of us. Thanks!"

"Inspirational” is the perfect description of Ecovisual’s much-needed mission. Thanks for helping turn the world green."

"An idea tuned more finely to our environment… what so often inspires us to create. Definitely makes me think twice about my paper and other materials…”"

"We need more companies like Ecovisual."