"Very informative and useful. Ecovisual's concept is a wonderful ecologically sound way to make a positive difference in an area many of us don't think about. May your small step lead to a giant leap."

"Inspiring indeed that someone can not only make the connections we all need to make between the impact of our daily behaviors on our health and our planet's health, but that this man did something about it. What makes some people emerge from a personal crisis with a fresh and creative mission to turn things around for others? And the real bonus is providing a venue for other artists who may have had the desire and vision but had no viable means to achieve environmentally safe products."

"Wow! We used to chase the DDT truck down the street. But, there are too many examples in addition to DDT. It's a very good thing you are doing, on many levels."

"This is a great story. Inspirational and an original idea. I hope that this business grows. Environmental action is needed to make this world a better place. I am very inspired by your story.”

"I have been in the forestry industry for 20 years and know that paper and fiber are both necessary but polluting. Recycled non-forest alternatives need to be promoted. This business idea is at the right time and place.”

"Great Story. A perfect example of thinking locally, acting globally."

"Nice way to combine an inspirational cause with a productive, creative and useful result."

"I find this story to be inspirational… using the synergy of personal passions and talents to create a useful and timely service. Best wishes to Ecovisual.com!"

"I believe that a person can do well and do good at the same time. I am happy to see that the folks at EcoVisual do too. It's inspiring to see people with that vision turn it into a practical reality, giving others a way to make the right choice when it comes to our planet."

"It's a wonderful thing to turn a painful experience into something positive. The story behind this company is kind of a metaphor for recyling itself - transforming something useless into something beautiful. It's both creative and inspiring."

"I am excited about creating a future where our environment supports our health. Great work Rick."

"Your story is both inspiring and useful. I wish you all the best! You are fighting the good fight for your late wife, yourself, and all of us. Thanks!"

“‘Inspirational” is the perfect description of Ecovisual’s mission. With creativity and intelligence, a personal, painful experience has been directed to a new and much needed service. Thanks for helping turn the world green."

"This sounds like a wonderful idea tuned more finely to our environment… what so often inspires us to create. Definitely makes me think twice about my paper and other materials…”

"Wow! Thank you for providing a green service and caring about what you do. I bet you are more fulfilled to do work that listens to your conscience, too!

"What fabulous and timely options!! Exactly the kind of attention/intention we so desperately need to come out on top of many of our largest problems. Contagiously inspiring, genuine, useful, a call to/for all of us....good going!!"

"This is inspiring. We need more companies like Ecovisual."


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