At EcoVisualLab we do just two things...

1) We make the world’s finest, most sustainable, museum-quality and archival prints.

Before we could be a green lab we had to be a great lab.

We produce state-of-the-art black-and-white prints and
color prints in a sustainable, color-managed workflow.
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2) The word “Lab” in EcovisualLab means “Laboratory” too.

We help others just like you and your company to create more
sustainable products and services, healthier indoor graphics and better interior decor.
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A note about cost...

Some people believe that being green costs more...
but nothing could be further from the truth!

In fact, our pricing is cost-effective and easy to calculate.
We charge by the square foot of paper used including borders,
generally at about $12.50 per S.F., which is less than most competitors!
Significant discounts are available for quantity prints,
non-profits and other green/worthwhile causes.


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